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Andrew Liu

Andrew Liu is a former elite member of Shijiazhuang Liu Tong Table Tennis Team. He began the sport at the age of 6. Before moving to the US, Andrew played professional leagues in China and also participated in many international tournaments and won multiple titles. He has a USATT Rating of 2664, it is considered one of the highest rated players in the United States.

Andrew began coaching when he came to the US in 2010. Since then, he has coached a number of Bay Area stars including US Women Champion and National Team member Lily Zhang, US Women National Team member Angela Guan and US Boys Junior National Team Member Victor Liu.

Andrew currently coaches at PongPlanet and provides private and group lessons.


Career Achievements:

2008 England U21 1st Place
2008 Norway U21 1st Place
2009 Norway U21 1st Place
2009 Sweden U21 2nd Place
2010 Norway National League 2nd Place
2008-2010 Sparing partner for China Women National Team in Zhengding Training Center
2010 Head coach of Norway Boys Junior Team for participating in Norwegian Junior Championship